Welcome to the Physical Education Website

Our goal as PE teachers is to teach our students how to live a healthy lifestyle and promote life-long wellness. Our objective is to give the students information and basic skills they will need for survival and longevity. We expect our students to have a positive attitude while working towards these goals.

Our two year program of required Physical Education are divided into PE 9 and PE 10 Electives. Students are exposed to several activities including team sports, individual sports, weight training, and rhythm and dance.


Mrs. Jensen - PE 9

Mrs. Sullivan - PE 9

Mrs. Plaza - Dance, PE 9, Chair

Mr. Mueller - Weight Training

Mr. Sullivan - PE 9, Racquet Sports

Mr. Tait - PE 9, Racquet Sports, Basketball

Mr. Thomas - Weight Training, PE 9

PE Phone Numbers:  

Boys- 366-7629

Girls - 366-7630